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Elks Skiffle Group

Elks2 Greetings Earthlings from your favourite puppet pop group from outer space! Elks Skiffle Group travel 32,000 light years to visit Blackpool, England and make fab gear top 20 record like Beetles. Except we are not bugs.
Of course, they are only pretending to be puppets - in fact, they actually ARE little bug eyed aliens, who cite The Sooty Show as a major influence, along with the BBC Light Programme, Thank Your Lucky Stars, and The Four King Cousins (no,we haven't heard of them either).
The band is made of:
Roosevelt Elk: $3 keyboard
Johnny Casserole: bucket and spade
Hoover Constellation: hand puppets
Janice Electrolux: ray gun

La séléction du blog
Beep Beep Cyberbaby: Download
Fluffly wuffly Christmas: Download

L'avis du blog: brillantissime

Contact: Johnny Casserole      Site web:http://www.geocities.com/elksskiffle/

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